Best Window Fan Reviews Guide 2017

A window fan is a fan that is specially designed to fit on a window and draw in cool air from outside whilst expelling hot air outside. It is preferred compared to other types of fans like ceiling fans because compared to them, the window fan performs to gather cool air from outside and expelling all the hot air from the inside.

2 Types of Window Fans

  • Manual window fans: These have to be manually turned around to reverse the flow of air.
  • Electrically reversible fans: These fans can be remotely controlled to reverse air. Manual moving of the fan is not necessary to change air-flow.

Following factors to consider

Durability and safety

Consider the material that has been used to make the fan. Find one that is made of strong material to ensure the longevity of the product. If you are in a house that has children, you may also want to take up safety measures before purchasing the product. Are the blades of the fan sharp? Are they caged inside a grate so that blades are not exposed? Consider these factors to assure the safety of those around the fan. In addition, buy a window fan that will blend in with the colors of your home to maintain elegance.

Wind direction from windows

By now, you should know all the windows in your house and the directions in which the wind blows. Which window has the coolest air flowing inside. Identify this then install the window fan on a window that faces the prevailing wind. If you are situated where the flow of air and direction of wind is not constant, then it is best tom buy the reversible type of window fan so that air is pulled into and out of the house depending on direction of wind.

Ease of Usage

Find a product that is remote control-operated to save you the hassle of getting to the window and referring to the fan to change settings. Find a product that is easy to clean as well because not all come with cleaning instruction manuals.

Size of the house and performance

Is your home big? Are the rooms big as well or vice-versa? I t is best to consider these factors before buying a window fan. Check the fan’s performance online and read reviews as well to determine whether it best suits your home. A powerful fan has a powerful airflow that covers a large surface area of a room cooling it entirely. Likewise, get a reduced-noise fan if you are placing it in your bedroom. It does not make sense to have a nicely cooled room that is comfortable to sleep in but has so much noise that sleeping is impossible.

Window fans are best suited for people who live in specifically hot areas, for example coastal regions. They also suit kitchens, because kitchens tend to heat up and get uncomfortable to work in. Hotels may also invest in window fans, especially if the rooms are small and compact. They provide a brilliant cooling effect that will please customers.

Buyers have identified the best brands of window fans that perform exceptionally and are recommended for anyone in need of window fans.

These are:

  • Pelonis 9-inch Twin Window Fan
  • Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan
  • Lasko 2155A 16-inch Electrically Reversible Window Fan
  • AirKing 9166 20 inch Whole House Window Fan
  • Optimus 7-inch Reversible Twin Window Fan

The products are efficient and pocket friendly and last a longtime. They can be purchased on the following sites;

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • Home Depot

Guide to Using Window Fans

  • Position the fan in the same direction as predominant wind flow. For cross-ventilation, use an equal number of fans as placed in the room. If there is a fan on the second floor of your house, place one across it as well, so that air is blown both inwardly and outwardly. Open doors to ensure proper circulation
  • Consider the size of your window and get the biggest size available for it maximum utility. Do not place window fans on windows that face areas such as garages, construction areas, garbage cans and other areas that have fumes and bad odors to avoid these fumes and smells being carried into the room. Place them on windows facing flower gardens instead.
  • Never leave a window fan exposed to rain as they can cause serious electrical damage.

Window Fans Reviewed

1. Pelonis 9-inch Twin Window Fan

This product has two motors, that provide a powerful exchange of air in an open window, and three-speed settings so that one can adjust air settings according to their needs. It has an in-built thermostat that automatically turns the fans on and off and reversible controls that manage the flow of air, whether inwards or outwards depending on the flow of wind.

It is designed to fit any type of window, whether double-hanging or sliders. The fan is made of durable plastic and it uses only 70 watts of electricity. This product best suits users who live in areas with an uncertain direction of the wind and economical due to its low use of power and a pocket-friendly price. It is available at Home Depot.

2. Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan

This product has reversible blades to accommodate the change of direction of air flow. It has a remote control for easy management and operation of the fan. It has a thermostat that automatically programs the fan to a particular pre-temperature. It fits double-hanging and slider windows.

Its powerful motors make it suitable for anyone who has a big house with big rooms, conference rooms and hotels with big lobbies. It is available on Amazon and eBay.

3. Lasko 2155A 16-inch Electrically Reversible Window Fan

This product has a fused safety 6 plug and is electrically reversible to accommodate the change of wind-flow direction. Unlike most of its counterparts, it is 100% effective in humid areas. It is very energy efficient and some users claim complete saving on electricity bill due to using this product. After installation, the window can easily be opened or closed without having to adjust the fan.

It is pocket-friendly in terms of purchase, available on Amazon and can be a perfect fit for people living in humid coastal regions.

4. Air King 9166 20 inch Whole House Window Fan

This fan is unique compared to its counterparts. As its name suggest, It performs exceptionally, accommodating the entire house. It has a 1/6 horsepower and is powerful enough to provide airflow to the entire home, complete with reversible functions. It has a storm-guard protection that encloses the fan during bad weather; like for instance, rain storms.

It is quite noisy and is not suitable for bedroom conditioning. It is suitable for anyone with a big house that only requires one fan. It is available on Amazon.

5. Optimus 7-inch Reversible Twin Window Fan

This fan has a two-speed controller and a dual sided control for maximum effectiveness. It has grill-guards to safely bar the sharp blades from exposure. It has a free-standing design and also adjustable sliders to fit sliding windows.

It is rain-resistant, making it unique from its counterparts that cannot withstand the rain. It is suitable for people living in unpredictable weather conditions. The fan is available on Best Buy at an affordable price.

Window fans are fast overtaking other types of fans. Furthermore, they are cheaper than air-conditioning machines.

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