Top 10 Best Snow Blowers

When it comes to cutting snow during the winter season, there is no easy way than using a snow blower to get rid of snow on your property. Depending on which model of snow blower you choose, its performance will depend on the power of its motor and the efficiency of its design.

Snow blowers can be expensive and with so many models available today, it can be sometimes hard to decide which one to get.  These helpful home tools come in different types and sizes, the bigger and powerful it is the more snow it can easily cut through.

Currently there are gas-powered, battery-operated, and electric types available. To narrow down your choices, here are things to know before buying your very own snow blower:

Electric powered

Electric types can either be plugged from the wall socket or the particular snow blower itself has its own built-in rechargeable battery. If you consider using the one with a power cord, then you are limited to only a few meters unless you add more extension cords which can be bothersome sometimes moving around.


Snow blowers that run on rechargeable batteries are your next option if you don’t want tangling cords when cutting snow. However, rechargeable batteries have limited power and most likely it does not have a powerful motor to efficiently cut snow more than 6 inches. These snow blowers are typically used on small areas like a pathway or a driveway with minimal snow. Rechargeable snow blowers are also smaller and more compact. This can make it easy to store, easy to handle and does not occupy a large space in your storage area.

Gas Powered

Now, if you are looking for a more heavy-duty snow blower, then the gas-powered type is what you need. It runs on petrol and can easily cut down snow more than 6 inches deep. Because it is using petrol for fuel, it is not environmentally friendly and the motor is most likely to generate some noise which can be annoying to some people.

Gas-powered snow blowers are bulky and heavy and are typically used on cutting huge pile of snow and can run for several hours on a full tank of gas. If you want a fast and efficient snow blower, then this is your best option.

The last thing to consider is the brand, the well-known the company that makes snow blowers the better. Reputable companies also provide longer warranties on their product so you won’t have problems in the future.

Best Snow Blowers

10. Power Smart 5004 (12.6″) 9-Amp Electric Snow Shovel

The Power Smart 5004 is a lightweight and compact snow blower that you use with ease. It has a powerful 9-amp motor that is able to cut snow up to 13 inches wide and 6 inches deep on a single pass. Its ergonomic design and adjustable handle makes it easy and comfortable to use it also has a built-in cord lock system that holds the extension cord securely in place.

This snow blower only weighs 17.1 pounds which is fairly light compared to others. If you are not bothered having a lengthy power cord attached to your wall socket, then this is a nice product to have.

9. Power Smart DB5023 18-Inch 13 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

If you are looking for a more heavy-duty electric snow blower, then the Power Smart DB5023 is what you need. It features a 13-amp motor that can easily cut snow up to 9 inches deep and 18 inches wide in one pass. It comes with a rubber-tipped steel auger that can throw snow up to 30 feet. Its 180-degree chute is adjustable so you can easily adjust and direct where you want the snow to be thrown.

This snow blower also has a power cord that needs to be attached to the wall socket and can sometimes be a hindrance when moving around. Overall, this is a well-built product and easy to use.

8. Snow Joe Ultra SJ624E 21-Inch 14-Amp Electric Snow Thrower

The Snow Joe Ultra SJ624E is probably the most powerful electric snow blower available today. This deluxe size model is ideal for clearing snow off large walkways and driveways. It features a 14-amp motor and this snow-throwing machine can move up to 730 pounds of snow per minute and cuts a path 21 inches wide by 11.8 inches deep in one pass.

Since it is electric, there is no gas, oil or tune-ups which make it effortless to start and maintain. This is by far the best corded snow blower you can get today.

7. Husqvarna ST230P – 30-Inch 291cc Two Stage Electric Start with Power Steering Snowthrower

Handling a large heavy-duty snow blower can be inconvenient sometimes but with the Husqvarna ST230P, cutting snow will be fast and easy. This snow blower features a 291cc engine that can cut through large piles of snow. For convenience, it has an electric starter for trouble-free startups and power steering for easy maneuverability. Because this snow blower is gas-powered, it can cover a large area with speed and ease.

The only thing to be wary of this type of snow blower is the noise the engine makes and that could be a bother to some people nearby.

6. Ariens 938031 Path-Pro 208 208cc 21 in. Single-Stage Snow Thrower

The Ariens 938031 Path-Pro is another heavy-duty snow blower that has a small yet powerful engine that performs as well as other gas-powered blowers. This snow blower features an efficient 208cc engine with reinforced rubber augers that is to deliver outstanding performance and clearing power. It’s 21-inch wide clearing path ideal for clearing sidewalks, walkways and driveways.

The snow blower’s single speed self-propelled operation can deliver an easier movement through snow. Overall, it’s a great heavy-duty snow blower for its compact size.

5. Snow Joe iON21SB-PRO 21-Inch Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower

If you don’t want to use gas-powered and corded type snow blowers, then the Snow Joe iON21SB-PRO is here to solve your problems. This innovative snow blower has a 40-volt 5-amp hour lithium-ion rechargeable battery that is capable of up to 65 minutes of whisper-quiet run time. It also has a steel auger with 2 rubber blades moves up to 660 pounds of snow per minute.

There are no pull cords, gas, oil, tune-ups, carbon emissions or tangled extension cords making it easier to use and maintain. As long as the battery is fully charged, you can continuously cut snow for an hour with ease.

4. Husqvarna ST224 – 24-Inch 208cc Two Stage Electric Start Snowthrower

You will be amazed on how efficient the Husqvarna ST224 snow blower can cleanup your path. This machine features a 208cc motor that compact and powerful at the same time. It has a remote chute deflector at the handle that you can easily access so you can instantly adjust the direction where the snow will be thrown.

For added convenience it has an electric starter for easy starting and a heated grip handle to keep your hands warm. Overall, it’s a great product with lots of features.

3. Husqvarna 961830002 136cc Single Stage Snow Thrower

If you’re looking for the lightest gas-powered snow blower, then the Husqvarna 961830002 136cc is what you need. Ideal for driveways, walkways and pathways, this compact and heavy-duty snow blower will do the job just fine with its efficient 136cc motor.

Though it does not have an electric starter, its recoil start is not that difficult to use which it only takes a few pulls to get it running. This gas-powered snow blower is probably one of the best you can get for a reasonable price.

2. Husqvarna ST230P – 30-Inch 291cc Two Stage Electric Start with Power Steering Snowthrower

Though the Husqvarna ST230P is a bit on the expensive side, the quality and performance it can deliver is top notch. This heavy-duty snow blower is powered by a 291cc Husqvarna engine that can handle 30-inch of snow with ease. The remote chute deflector is located near the handle bar for quick and easy access. It also has an electric starting and power steering for added convenience when cutting down snow.

If you have the budget and want a large heavy-duty snow blower to use during the winter season, then this is the one you need.

1. Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E 21-Inch 15-Amp Electric Snow Thrower

The Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E is the perfect snow blower to get if you want a high performance machine without making too much noise. It features a powerful 15-amp motor that can move up to 800 pounds of snow per minute. This snow blower is powered by a rechargeable battery so there no gas, oil and tune-ups needed for maintenance.

Working during at night won’t be a problem because this snow blower has a 3-watt LED light to illuminate the area for added safety. Overall, this a great environment-friendly product you can use to cut snow.

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